Retirement Party

Hey Guys,

Before I begin, I just want to note how much I love what I do ! (More reviews and photos on my website )

My most recent gig took place at a BEAUTIFUL VENUE !! (I'm not going to say where, because ever since I first laid eyes on it, I knew I was going to have my wedding here!) So when I got booked for a gig here, I was stoked to be paid to visit in person!

I will say that it's in Houston, though! Very nice part of town.

So my gig was this past weekend. For a retirement party, with an apples theme. Very beautifully decorated. The guests were nice and the weather was nice!

I always show up to my Gigs super early to set up. Just so happened, I needed to make a store run. Luckily I was set up and made my store run in good time, and was ready to serve guests as soon as they walked in the door.

I got booked for this gig at full price, MONTHS in advance. The tips were great, and after cleaning up, the host gave me ANOTHER hefty tip.

Safe to say this night ended just right! I left the venue on time, and made it home before midnight. I took off my makeup, brushed my teeth, and got straight in my bed as SOON as I got home!!

Gigs that end this late, I usually don't count my tips until the next day. I did well 😀

Specialty Beverages for this Gig:

  • Apple Martini
  • Mojito
  • Washington Apple

What I loved about this Gig:
  • Location, location, location! Like I said, even before I got booked here, this is the place I decided to have me and Ronnie's wedding. 
  • The bar was beautiful, and made it easy to work!
  • The time - I was out of the door @ 10:30, and made more than what I would have made working in a club until 2:30!
  • The guests were very well mannered, everyone held their liquor well! lol. & they tipped well !

Challenges I faced:
  • I brought the Garnishes for this gig, and my Kroger was out of Mint. So once I was set up at the venue, I had to make a store run for mint leaves ! 
  • Some of the mixers were flat, which isn't MY fault, but I hate to be the messenger when there's not much to choose from!
  • The wine corks for two bottles broke IN the bottle, the third one I was able to save.
  • The Chardonnay they provided was bad 

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