First Day of Fall

Fall brings change.
And like the leaves,
It’s only natural we change with it.”

Happy Friday Lovlies,

I hope you guys have had a great week, as I did! I don’t know about you, but I’m especially excited about Fall being among us!! The kids and I have already been taking advantage of the cooler days we’ve experienced so far, just being outdoors more and enjoying the breeze WHILE IT’S HERE!

Personally, the last few months I’ve been working on positively living in the present moment. I can’t express a more perfect time to implement this process into your day-to-day. The weather (hopefully in Texas) is changing, the trees are changing, styles are altering..change right along with the season and put your most recent plans into action! Live in the moment, take in the crisp air while hearing the crackling leaves beneath your shoes. 

Autumn and winter are actually my favorite seasons! I’m not really the type to run from cold weather. I’d rather throw on a coat and boots, and get out the house during the day. At night, I enjoy oversized sweaters and long socks on the couch, or a bonfire with the family! I’d pick having to snuggle under my coat while running to my car, than dreading to walk outside because the heat will smack me in the face as soon as I open my door!

I'll be the parent to admit, one of the reasons I love this time is because it gets dark sooner-which means more downtime for mom! (well, at least in my household!) Bedtime may be 8:30, or 7:30 if I need a glass of wine. Who knows? It's pitch black outside! The trickery!

Fall brings me such a sense of cheerfulness. The weather gives me life, my hair stays how I want it to, and my facial pores get smaller! Speaking of face and hair – stay tuned for my next couple blogs.

This time last year I had a bunch of not-so-good happenings in my life! Safe to say I didn’t enjoy the weather or festivities at all, which I totally regret. The year before that, I was very-much-so festive! I was practicing my Thanksgiving dishes early, and decorated the whole front entrance of our house. I made a fall wreath from scratch that was so delightful, especially for my first time making one! My honey was actually surprised with my crafting skills!

This is the time of year to embrace spending time with your loved ones. The cold weather should bring you all closer, literally!! We have Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and moving into Christmas!

In my household, aside from the typical festivities, October actually holds my Honey’s birthday! Disappointingly, he’s unable to celebrate with us, but we’ll still party for him, of course!

The kids and I already have our bucket lists planned out for the season…and I’ve had my eye on some nice cardigans I’ll need at the office (as it’s freezing inside my day job, no matter what the season), as well as nice sweaters for the kids. One thing I’m not looking forward to, however, is investing in boots for these little people that can only wear them for like a couple months, then never again!

(More about your fall style on my next few blogs!)

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy the extra time spent with one another this season! 
Put together your shopping lists, pull out your Harvest treat recipes, and get ready for the Fall festivities!

What's on your bucket list for Fall 2017? 
Comment below↓↓↓↓ 


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