How to Start Your Business

T.G.I.F!! I hope everyone had a great week! I, surprisingly, am looking forward to a Gig-free weekend, and time spent with my babies!

Are you thinking of starting a business?

I wanted to share a few quick tips on beginning your next endeavor.

This is, by NO means, a business plan! Lol. But this is what I, Breana, did to start MY business…and I’ve shared some links to hopefully guide you along your journey!

To start … I was going to ask, “What do you like to do, what are your interests?” But personally, I never visioned myself in the Food & Bev Industry. I made a few drinx a couple years ago (for consumption), and made a joke on Facebook about selling them, but it never clicked that I could really start a whole business behind it. I was comfortable, and not business minded.

So for starters, open up your mind!! The business that you start doesn’t need to be something you’re already good at, because you can learn! I’ve never been a heavy drinker, so when I first hopped behind the bar I was lost! For one, I hadn’t heard of any of these drinx, and two, I didn’t even know how the bottle looked, whether it was made with clear or dark liquor. But I learned, and now I’m great at it!

But back to YOU
  • Brain$torm:
Have you ever made something that you were really proud of yourself for? I don’t care if it’s those bandana tie-on flip flops we used to make in junior high school! Lol. Photography, hair, nails, cleaning service, babysitting, personal trainer, party planning, lashes, media marketing, or taxes…whatever it is, the very first thing you need to do is decide!
What do you want to do? What would work for your life? Where do you see yourself?

  • Set your Goal
Once you have made your decision, check the profit margins, and set your goal! Realistic goals. I’d like to open my own bar someday, but the way my funds are set up CURRENTLY, that can’t happen yet. So right now, I have realistic goals set. Take your time. The success will come!

My current goals are to have a gig every weekend, and to have people reading my blogs and drinking my drinx. But my goals will always change, as I’m never satisfied. I’ll always aim higher!

  • Get Feedback
Somewhere along the way, get opinions and insight from those you trust about your ideas. They may have suggestions from a consumer perspective. Google. Google. Google. Read other people’s success/fail stories about the same topic/business.

**Side note: There are a ton of meme’s about this, but I have experienced this FIRST HAND. When you tell people your thoughts, the moves you’re making, and you get negative feedback or reactions….don’t continue to share your thoughts with that person. They’ll just make you doubt yourself, and we don’t have time for negativity. Simple….now moving along… J
Whatever portion of business you want to start for your brand, you just need the funds to cover that. If you have someone that will let you loan the money, you’re one of the most fortunate. Me? I started this from money out of my 9-5 paychecks! (Started…!)

  • Insurance - Do your research, if you need business insurance, get it!
  • Order Business Cards
To this day, I love handing a potential client my business card. It’s professional. It shows you care about your business, and you're serious. I try and stay prepared. I have business cards in my car, my purse, in my gig stuff, and a full box at home. 

While we’re on this subject, I highly recommend you paying the extra 20-something bucks to get better quality cards! Take your time on the design as well. I designed and ordered my business cards myself, and get lots of compliments on them. (However, I recommend NOT putting your phone number on them! I've had a bad experience with this!)

  • Quality
This is always huge for me. And it’s probably why some close friends and family call me bougie L I want my stuff to be PERFECT. Take pride in your product. Take the time to do things right!

    • Promote 
    Once you have decided what you want to do for your business, and you’re prepared….market your product/business!! If you ask me, the sooner you put yourself out there, the better.
    Set your price…and promote!

    (I personally never understood why people who have a gift or hustle, and let it go to waste!)

    • Presentation 
    Again… Take pride in your name, your business, and your brand! People cannot and will not take you seriously if you don’t take pride in your presentation. Stay clean…especially on the job!

    Look good, feel good, work good!

    • **Share Your Success**

    Be humble, but also share your success with others, with social media. Show people your growing business. Don't be scared to put yourself out there. People will only know what they see and hear! Don't sleep on yourself!!

    • Most importantly, BE CONFIDENT! Even if someone else has the same idea, or started theirs before you, NO ONE CAN DO YOUR BUSINESS BETTER THAN YOU

    If I think of more tips, I’ll for sure let you guys know!
    Research! Read! And look at the links I’ve provided.

    Happy Friday, & Start Doing!

    comment your name, let me know you read! thanks! 


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