National Wife Appreciation Day '17

Wife Appreciation Day
Sunday, 9/17/17

Hey Fellas! I know ya’ll don’t keep up with the extra holidays, or just scroll past them….allow me to inform you about Wife Appreciation Day tomorrow!
(The third Sunday in September)

Let’s just be fun and make it “Boo/Girlfriend/Fiance’” Appreciation Day too, and Let's not use the tired excuse of "I appreciate you everyday, what you talkin about? Love you!" Naw....let us see it! lol

To keep it short, I’m gonna list a few things you could do for your girl tomorrow, to make her feel special and appreciated. These are simple, easily doable, and pocket-friendly! 

  •        Text her and tell her to get dressed by whatever time
    •    You don’t even need to have plans!! Some of us will just settle for the surprise factor since you probably haven’t been attentive enough lately, but moving on… simple date examples below:

o   Market Street/Waterway (just walk around and talk, eat, enjoy the fall weather while it’s here)

o   Movies, but hopefully you opt to go outside the norm
o   Try a new restaurant/bar downtown. Different scenery, food and people
o   Go out! She may need a break, a shot, and some loud music

  •        Candle lit dinner at home. Go by the store and grab some little candles and rose petals, and cook for her. Make it romantic
  •        Buy her something!! Ideas below:

o   Sephora gift card, since you probably won’t buy the right thing
o   Victoria Secret/Pink Gift Card
o   Flowers, PRETTY flowers
o   Sweets/Her favorite candy
...and you could never go wrong with paying a bill or two!! 😉

[[Also, if you buy her something, try and put thought into the presentation! (example: don’t just hand her a gift card, put it in a card)]]
  •        Get her car detailed
  •        Schedule a PROFESSIONAL massage for her (you are not a masseuse, she does not want a massage from you…sometimes)
  •        If you’re extra nonchalant and not mushy at all, just send a random ‘why I love you text’…and hopefully you’ll get more sensitive one day. 
Do one of these, and you'll be glad you did. Just saying .... Don't worry, I got your back on the next holiday for guys!

(ladies, comment your name and share this link to your facebook...I have something for you!)


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